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About us

We are Marvin and Angeline de Groot, together with our two beautiful daughters Nikita and Quinty we form a wonderful family and now also Glittersstore.com.

Our daughters have been active in Baton Twirling for years as a result we have become familiar with rhinestones and sewing stones, well not only familiar but addicted!! ... This is where our passion for   Glittersstore.com  originated.

Over the years the costumes / leotards / outfits have become more and more beautiful, whereas in the past only the expensive Swarovski stones were available the cheaper imitation stones also appeared on the market, suddenly became affordable for everyone to stick the outfits full with rhinestones.

We ourselves always encountered the same problems when ordering the stones via Aliexpress, delivery time was super long and the delivery was therefore very uncertain. Did we actually ordered on time one month in advance? Would the shipment arrive on time? Or would the package be detained at the customs and how long would it then take before the shipment arrived?

Many times we have wondered why it is not for sale in the Netherlands for a normal and reasonable price, why does no one start a shop, that would make our life so much easier !!!

April 2019 after the European Championship Twirling in Italy, with a good glass of wine and after-enjoying a wonderful event, the idea was born that maybe... we should be the people who would open a webshop. We now understand that we were not the only ones who encounter the same problems. During the 16-hour drive back to the Netherlands, the whole family became more and more enthusiastic and we ended up from Italy in our next trip to   Glittersstore.com.

The earlier 16 hours was nothing compared to the trip we ended up in, it became a long journey and sometimes a difficult journey!

Where did we start? How do we establish contacts with the right people and factories abroad, how do we do this alongside our own work and busy life in combination with all language and mainly time zone barriers? Who and what are the stones used for? How are we going to house it and how are we going to exploit it?

Our goal has in any case been achieved for a large part because we can guarantee fast delivery time, exact delivery at a good price and quality with our own brand rhinestones! With this we hope that for everyone the occured problems are a thing of the past!

So finally!!! after a journey of 6 months we can proudly say that we can share our hobby and passion with you and hopefully others will enjoy our products as much as we already enjoy them.

And the journey? Oh well this is just a stop in between we are now taking the next flight and hope that the continuation of this trip will be a great success, we invite you to further discover the world of Glitterstore.com with us, because the rhinestones ... ........ are just the beginning !!!

Rhinestone Size chart


 Stone size in millimeter
SS 3 1,3 - 1,5
SS 4 1,5 - 1,7
SS 5 1,7 - 1,9
SS 6 1,9 - 2,0
SS 8 2,3 - 2,5
SS 10 2,7 - 2,9
SS 12 3,0 - 3,2
SS 16 3,8 - 4,0
SS 20 4,6 - 4,8
SS 30 6,4 - 6,6
SS34 7,1 - 7,3
SS 40 8,4 - 8,7
SS 50 11,7 - 11,9