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Light Sapphire AB - Rhinestone - Non-Hotfix


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(price is per 144 stones)

Imagine you bought a new leotard, dance costume, outfit or ballroom dress? Of course you want to make a good impression and look next level!

Be sure to impress others with our Rhinestones!

  • We have our own stock
  • Delivery within a few days
  • Machine cut rhinestones
  • Hand selected and quality control
  • Silver, golden or pink bottom color
  • Durable AB coating ( when AB is applicable)

To make sure everyone is able to buy from our store we made our order quantity for the rhinestones per 144 stones, some have an 25% and 50% discount offer available when you order more stones.

Why Non Hotfix Rhinestones?

If you do not use standard prints or templates and have unique designs it works much faster to attach the rhinestones by hand and use glue where you need it, Hotfix Rhinestones are great for bigger designs and mass production.

The benefits of using Non Hotfix Rhinestones

  • No use of heat on your expensive fabrics
  • Hotfix glue defects are history
  • You can use transparent glue

How to apply Non Hotfix Rhinestones?

Our rhinestones are non hotfix! This means that they have no glue on the bottom of the rhinestones. These rhinestones can only be glued, glue can be found at the bottom of this page. How much glue you need depends on the number and size of the stones and the substrate. Take into account that you need approximately 25ml per 10 gross of stones.

The glue we use and sell is B-7000 from Bu Lai En, the tube has a special tip so you can use the right amount of glue for every stone size. The special tip is made of steel and therefore does not leave any color stains or spill any glue and is easy to clean

Rhinestone Size chart


 Stone size in millimeter
SS 3 1,3 - 1,5
SS 4 1,5 - 1,7
SS 5 1,7 - 1,9
SS 6 1,9 - 2,0
SS 8 2,3 - 2,5
SS 10 2,7 - 2,9
SS 12 3,0 - 3,2
SS 16 3,8 - 4,0
SS 20 4,6 - 4,8
SS 30 6,4 - 6,6
SS34 7,1 - 7,3
SS 40 8,4 - 8,7
SS 50 11,7 - 11,9